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this battle, with the enemy without turning your back on him,
and put him to flight, we will reward you richly." Then he
commanded vlraJcanJcanas and tambula to be distributed among
them. The battle having commenced by this time, several
captains including the old Mesa Cannama Nayudu, the Handes
of Sonnalapuram and other palaiyagars, uniting (their forces)
together, marched upon the enemy.
And as the forces of Krsnaraya gave way in the sanguinary
battle that followed, he raised his arm and shouted : " We
bestow on those who charge the enemy and put him to flight,
many titles and rewards." Old Cannama Nayadu with some
other captains wheeled round and confronted the Muhammadan
army, They charged the forces of the Nizam and others that
were pursuing them with such vigour that the front line of the
enemy broke in confusion and fled. At the same time, as the
rest of the (Raya's) army rushed upon the forces of Nizam
[Shah] and caused panic, they fled leaving several of their
comrades dead upon the battle-field. [Krsnaraya] then
commanded that the triumphant boar standard should be
planted on [the battlements of Kalubariga] and that the drum
of victory should be sounded.
Then [the Raya] causing all his wounded officers to be
brought to his presence, enquired into their condition, and
[ordered the surgeons] to dress their wounds. On making
enquiries about the condition of old Cannama Nayadu, he was
told that [the old warrior] was lying seriously wounded
in some other part [of the battle-field]. Krsnaraya went
personally in search of [the wounded captain], and causing his
wounds to be dressed, had him removed to a tent very near
his own, where he carefully tended him until he recovered.
The Raya having returned to Vijayanagara with all his
army, sent all his captains to their respective homes. He gave
old Mesa Cannama Nayadu a palanquin, two chauries, one of
his own horses, kalkiturayi, uda$t pavada, gaydapegdera, a flag,
and a camel with a drum on its back. Besides, the Raya